What we can do for you:

Bed & Breakfast

You can stay in our Bed & Breakfast barn, to relax and enjoy the surroundings.
If you want you can take your own horse with you, or you can rent a horse in the close by  neighborhood to make a horse riding tour.

Our Vineyard

Our Vineyard is there for you to explore.
Help us at harvesting season to harvest to grapes and to make wine.
Our white grapes: Johanitter, Solaris, Sauvignon Gris
Our blue grapes: Cabernet Cantor, Cabernet Jura, Dornfelder, Regent and Pinot Madeleine.

Wine tasting

On a regular basis we organize wine tasting events to promote the Dutch wine culture.
Find out when …..

Pet Care

We take care of your pets.
If you want we come to your house to take your dog for a walk, or clip the nails of your cat. And there is more we do ……

Horse Retirement

We give your best friend a beautiful and well deserved retirement.
What will be better than spent your last years in a great surrounding together with fellow friends.

Paddock Paradise

At this moment we are creating a “Paddock Paradise” for the horses that are entrusted to us.

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A month ago we harvest our grapes. At this moment the wine is in the bottle to mature. It takes […]


Start up of our website

Ok, We are just starting up our new website. Please contact us if you want some more information.

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